Readers’ Circle Review from Willa

Way back at the dawn of time–well, April or May, actually–Willa read Jack by Liesl Shurtliff, but her review got lost somewhere in the ether. Thankfully, it got re-sent so that I can share it with all of you.

JackcoverThe book Jack, by Liesl Shurtliff, is about a poor boy named Jack who dreams of being great or important, but has to harvest crops with his father all day. When his father gets taken away by giants, Jack sets after him—in the shape of a giant beanstalk. But it’s not easy to be a 12 year old boy in a giant world. Danger comes in many forms including giant bugs, frogs, snakes, pixies, (that are the same size as him) and King Barf, the giant king that rules with an iron fist and an obsession for gold.
I really liked this book because of the lesson. It teaches you to be open-minded. For instance, Jack hated plants before he had been in the giant world, but after he was saved by them at the end of the book, he appreciated them, and started to like doing work in the fields.
If you like the Sisters’ Grimm, Half Upon A Time, or any other twisted fairy tale, you’ll love Jack.
My favorite quote from the book is, ”I was supposed to be the hero. Jack the Great. But maybe part of being great was knowing when to step aside, and let someone else step up, even if they were smaller than you.”

Jack is available to buy now.


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