Readers’ Circle Review from Abby

Abby read The Sister Solution by Trudi Trueit and this is what she thought:

sistersolutioncover”The Sister Solution” is an excellent book. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars because it is not one of my favorites, but it is still a good book.

I liked this book because some of the books I like are stories that could really happen, and I think that this story is also realistic fiction.

It is about a girl named Sammi. She is in 8th grade. She has a sister named Jorgianna that is in 6th grade. Jorgianna is very smart for her age, so she moves up not one, but two grades. Sammi  is very upset, and makes sure she doesn’t see Jorgianna during school. Soon she realizes  that it wasn’t very nice.

I would  recommend this book to people age 9 and over, and to people who have sisters.

I know you will enjoy reading ”The Sister Solution”.

The Sister Solution will be published on September 29, 2015.




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