Adults Who Read Young Adult UNITE!

IreadYA-selectAre you one of the aforementioned adults who reads young adult literature? Would you be interested in joining a book group with other, similarly-inclined readers? We are hoping to get such a book club up and running after the summer is over and everyone is back in town and maybe a teensy bit less busy. If you’re interested, you can comment below or e-mail us at acpreadersATgmailDOTcom. And, if you could answer a few questions so that we can make this the best book group we possibly can, that would be awesome.

  • This will be an evening book group. Which day of the week is best for you? And what time?
  • What kinds of books do you prefer? Do you like fantasy? Dystopia? Realistic fiction? Historical fiction?
  • Are you willing to read hardcovers or will you only purchase paperbacks?
  • Do you prefer the popular titles, or something a little off the beaten path?
  • Is there content you absolutely will not abide (sex, drugs, language, etc.)?
  • Red or white?

I’d love to have our first meeting occur sometime in September and, to that end, to announce the first book selection in August. I want to give any group members at least a month to read the book in question.

If this is something you’re interested in, let us know and tell us where you stand on the questions above. You don’t have to RSVP to join us, but the more input we have, the better the group will be.

Check back here and on Facebook for updates and the announcement of our first title.


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